Quirkybear Activities (offical)

Photos and mosaics from Offical Quirkybear events such as the Annual Quirkybear Picnic and other Quirkybear Trips.

Quirkybear Picnic – June 2013

Quirkybear Picnic held at the Sisters Rocks just outside of the town of Ararat in the state of Victoria, Australia.  It was a lot of fun and it is hoped this will become an anual affair! 😀 (Note: QBP 2014 was cancelled due to moving and illness sadly but looking forward to the one in 2015!)

Quirkybear Beach Trip

Trip to Beachport, in the state of South Australia. This was the 1st trip to the seaside for some of these bears, and the last trip little pirate quirkybear Flint got to spend with us before heading to his forever home in America. We even found burried treasure!! All I can say is it was a whole lot of fun and I really look forward to the chance to do it again sometime!

Quirkybear Halloween Gathering 2014

Our 1st Halloween party in our new home and also the 1st Halloween my new Build-a-Bear brothers and sister (Benaud, Hicks and Chloe) joined us. Full of pawsome and spooky fun! We love Halloween here!
(You can find and follow Benaud, Hicks and Chloe on instagram also @bhc_sibblingsaust)

Quirkybear Australia Day Celebration 2015


26th Jan 2015 – Awesome day spent with the Quirkybear Family.  Filled with lots of fun, laughter, a BBQ and lots of iconic Australian Food, Aussie decorations and outifts were also worn.  Yet another pawesome Australia Day!

Quirkybear Halloween Gathering 2015


Another Halloween filled of spooky fun, ghastly ghouls and disgusting treats to go along with the treats.   This year we played our spooky games out at Nanna’s place in Dimboola where the trick-or-treating was brilliant!


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