About The Bear


All About Me!

I was hand made and bought to life on the 21st March 2012 by my Mum’s love of working with wool dyes and crocheting.   I was the 2nd bear and stuffie she had ever made with my brother named Mutie (M.I.A 8th August 2014) being the 1st.


Me and my brother Mutie just after I returned from my 1st ever trip back in 2012. Mutie unfortunately became Missing In Action during the house move in August 2014 and hasn’t been seen since. We hope he is off having an adventure somewhere and bringing a smile to someone elses face.


For the 1st few months I was a real homebody…not saying or doing much excpet for chilling at home with Mum, Dad and our pets – a cat named Binx and a dog named Junior (R.I.P 15th March 1998 to the 14th August 2014).    It was when a former school friend and neighbour of Mum’s mentioned she and her daughter were going on a holiday to Europe for a few weeks did Mum get the bright idea to send me with them as a travel companion and mascot.

Needless to say after that trip the travel bug well and truely took a massive bite of me and I can not get enough of it!!  I love nothing more than travelling around Australia and the World with family and friends and visiting Hosts!

Now my family consists of my two HPs (Human Parents), my Quirkybear Brother Sheedie (who Mum also bought to life like she did with me, on the 25th Oct 2012), my Build-a-Bear Brothers Benaud and Hicks and my Build-a-Bear sister Chloe.    (You can follow Benni Hicks and Chloe over on Twitter also @bennihickschloe or follow them on Instagram @bhc.sibblingsaust if you’re interested)  


Back L to R: Hicks, Chloe and Benaud Front L to R: Sheedie and Me

We are always on the look out for new Hosts for me to visit and just recently in turn we love to Host in return.   If you would like to Host me, please contact me over on Twitter (@ozziequirkybear) and we can arrange something in a heart beat!


Places to Visit Wish List!

Rome, Milan, Venice – Italy
Tokyo – Japan
Istanbul – Turkey
Hong Kong – China

And just within the USA alone I would LOVE to visit:
New York                                   Atlanta
Las Vegas                                   Phoenix
Orlando                                       Philadelphia
Chicago                                        Austin
Los Angeles                                Houston
Washington DC                          Dallas
Seattle                                         Memphis
Nashville                                     Indianapolis
Salt Lake City                            Niagra Falls (if I don’t see it when I’m in Canada)
Gettysburg                                 Boston

Can anyone help me achieve my wishlist by hosting me?
(Washington DC was visited in 2016!)


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