Little Bear Plays Catch Up…Part 2!

… continued from here.

After my fun and games in the USA with Scooter and his family (thank you again!!), I was home with my family for about a week before I headed off interstate to Canberra, ACT to visit my cousins Precious and Janalli and my Aunty Jessi as she was taking me along with her to something called Pridoc2016 which was being held in New Zealand this time.

New Zealand is an amazing place!! This is my second visit here and again I am visiting with my Aunty Jessi who was the host who brought me along with her the 1st time I got to visit New Zealand.   There is always so much to see here, but this time it was for a conference so I made sure I was on my best behaviour…

Especially during the big social night where all the cultures who were attending the conference were all on display and I even met two other traveling plushies that were attending also, so that was an even better experience!  Thank you Aunty Jessi for letting me come along with you on this one, I really look forward to the next one in 2018 which is being held in Hawaii! This bear is totally packing his board shorts for that one!

Back home again and it was a fun time with the family celebrating Christmas, New Years and of course Australia Day!

So that has pretty much caught me up as to what I’ve been doing.  I’m now off and on my way interstate once again, this time to Darwin, NT to once again visit Aunty Jessi and my cousins Janalli and Precious in their new home up there.   I’ll be there for most of April so please keep an eye on my Instagram and my twitter for photos of my adventures.

Until I return, have fun and keep smiling, I know I am!


About ozziequirkybear

World traveler and Mascot for Phoenixphyre Dreams. Loves exploring my own country and this great wide world with family and friends.
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3 Responses to Little Bear Plays Catch Up…Part 2!

  1. Wow! PRIDoC sounds a wonderful and very important organization! How neat to get to attend and witness all the different cultures!

    • Yeah it’s a fantastic experience. So many ideas and in some cases new ways to help people get shared at this event, including traditional medicines which is also interesting to learn about also! 🙂

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