Little Bear Plays Catch Up…Part 1

I am so so so sorry for getting behind in my posts to you all here.  I am very very ashamed of myself and will do my very best to catch you all up on what I have been doing since I last posted here about my last trip to Washington with my great little plushie friend Ajdin.

So after a bit of time back at home with the family after my fantastic tour with Ajdin I once again packed my bag and headed back to Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina to visit our great mate Scooter Wojack and his family again for a few months.   It was amazing there as always as Scooter, his Mum Bj and the rest of his family are so much fun to be around and live in an amazing town.

While I was with them we had to do a bit of prep as they were on Hurricane watch so we all pitched in as best we could to make the lower levels of the house as water tight as possible, that was an interesting experience but once the work was done and the Hurricane came and went we all had fun once again exploring the beaches and the other wicked places this town has to offer.

Never a dull moment that’s for sure and another amazing experience I got to have with Scooter and his family was the chance to go to my very 1st Anthrocon which was one of the most fantastic events I have ever been too.  Everyone was so accepting, so exicting and was having so much fun there.

As well the fact the furries there looked amazing and gave the best hugs!   It’s so much fun, if you ever have an opportunity to go to one of these things, take it!!
There was so many more adventures that I got up to with Scooter while I was over there but you can see those photos over on my Facebook page because if I try and put it all in an entry here this would just go on and on and on…..and this is only supposed to be a catch up!



About ozziequirkybear

World traveler and Mascot for Phoenixphyre Dreams. Loves exploring my own country and this great wide world with family and friends.
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5 Responses to Little Bear Plays Catch Up…Part 1

  1. Wow! So much action and adventure in one trip! Well worth the wait to read all about it and see your photos! 😄😄

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