Kill Devil Hills!!

Yes this place actually exists and can be found in North Carolina where I had the privilege to visit and be hosted by a great Marmot friend and fellow world traveller and his Family – Scooter Wojack.

The original plan was to arrive in time to go along on a trip to Puerto Rico with them but thanks to a teeny hiccup (thanks usps for that) I missed out but Scooter’s work colleagues at the KDH post office looked after me and kept me entertained till they returned and I can kick off my adventures with them.

KDH Trip 1

1. First meet up with Scooter and enjoying the Sunlight.  2. Making some new froggy friends in the car.   3. Watching as Scooter opens his birthday present from myself and my bear-siblings Benaud, Hicks and Chloe.  4. Awesome saying on this sign that I had to have a photo with!

Scooter and his Mum and his family were wonderful hosts and showed me a wonderful time and the many different sites around the town with the AWESOME name.   They were right near a beach also which was wonderful to smell sea salt in the air again.

Another big surprise was that I found out was that KDH is the home of the Monster Jam truck Grave Digger…which happens to be my brother-bear Benni’s FAVOURITE truck in Monster Jam.  Once we found that out the awesome Marmot Family swung into actions!!


KDH Trip 2

1. A line of Grave Diggers from eldest to more recent.   2.  The driver of Monster Jam Truck Son-Uva Digger Ryan Anderson.   3. The man himself Dennis Anderson, driver of Grave Digger!   4. Next to another Grave Digger Truck in the yard of the Diggers Dungeon! 

Wow!  I got to go to the HQ of Grave Digger!!  Benni would have been turning as green as my jumper in envy when he found out but the best surprise was still to come.  I was spending the day with Scooters sister Olivia this day and I had a chance to meet and get a photo taken with Ryan Anderson, he drives the truck Son-Uva Digger in Monster Jam.  I was so thankful he took a few moments out of his time getting ready to go to the next Monster Jam competition in Texas at the time to have a photo with me.   I was almost…almost stuck silent.


But then I was star-struck speechless!   Dennis Anderson, the driver of Grave Digger himself had arrived and he even signed a small plush Grave Digger truck toy for me so I could bring that home as a late Birthday gift for Benaud.   It was amazing…these guys are so great!!    If your a Monster Truck fan and you’re EVER in KDH, take the chance to visit Diggers Dungeon totally go as there is a lot to see there!

KDH Trip 3

I didn’t spend ALL my time staring at Monster Trucks during my visit.  I got to go on a few mini road trips with Scooter and his Mum Bj, to some surrounding towns, even got to visit a nearby Build-a-Bear Workshop, those places are FUN!    I also enjoyed seeing a lot of the amazing art all around KDH.   Everywhere you turn there is always something to look at, and in the case of one BBQ sign, giggle at!

Thank you again Scooter for letting me come and visit you and your family and see where you live.   I had an amazing time and a lot of fun…I was sad when my time came to an end but I had to head to my next adventure.        But I wasn’t going alone….I was going on my next adventure and I was taking Scooter with me!    So stay tuned for the next entry, coming hopefully very soon.

But before I sign off I want to leave you with this photo:


My brother-bear Benaud (Benni) who was totally SMITTEN when he received the signed plushie Grave Digger Truck!   He wouldn’t put it down for DAYS until Mum rescued it from his paws and has put it in the display cabinet for safe keeping so the signature doesn’t get worn off!


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World traveler and Mascot for Phoenixphyre Dreams. Loves exploring my own country and this great wide world with family and friends.
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