An Ozzie in Washington DC.

After an amazing trip to North Carolina still flashing memory photos in my head and my new travel buddy Scooter Wojack with me I made my way to my next destination and host, fellow Teddy Blogger Ajdin Adilovic! He’d arranged for me to come visit a while ago but it was just pure excellent timing that during my stay I’d have the chance, along with Scooter to be a VIB (Very Important Bear) and be included on the 1st ever Cherry Blossom Tour in Washington DC run by Ajdin’s brand new business called Stuffie Tours which was very exciting!

Thanks to USPS again Scooter and I arrived JUST in time!   Arriving the day before the tour left for Washington DC, Ajdin welcomed both Scooter and I into his lovely home, introduced us to his amazing family and also introduced us to Sandy Bear who is another bear-blogger!

The next morning the excitement began!   We made our way to the station to wait for a Metro train to take us from Ajdin’s hometown into Washington DC.   I was a very excited little bear….Washington DC, was a place I’d only ever seen on TV or in the movies so be going to this place was thrilling for me…and by train, that was another thrill for me as rail travel is not something I get a chance to do.

WDCST Trip 1

1. Introductions.    2. Waiting for the Metro.    3. Vietnam War Memorial.    4. Abraham Lincoln Monument.


On the train our tour guide Ajdin did a wonderful job explaining the map to me as we travelled along and then once we arrived it was a quick stop in at an info-booth for some maps, a photo op (you can see that over on my facebook in the Trip to visit Ajdin Album ) and a regroup we headed to our 1st place of interest which was the Vietnam War Memorial.  So many names on there….so many names.    We spent a lot of time reading and paying our respects before heading off to the next place of interest.

The Abraham Lincoln Memorial…what can I say!  Wow!  That pretty much sums it up for me.   I’d seen it many a time pictured in movies, cartoons etc on the TV and it did look big but I didn’t realise how big it really was till I had the chance to go up those stairs and look inside at the statue of the seated Abraham Lincoln myself!

WDCST Trip 2

1. Abraham Lincoln Memorial.    2. Reflection Pool.    3. Korean War Memorial.    4. Martin Luther King Jr Memorial.


After staring in awe at the shear size of this amazing monument Ajdin poked me in the ribs and bought me back to reality so we could all wander back down the stairs (through all the human tourists – we were the only stuffies) and head to the reflecting pool where we were very lucky enough to get a chance to get a great group photo near it’s waters.    Thanks to Mum liking the movie Forest Gump for a few moments there I kept expecting a hippie girl to come wading through the waters yelling out “Forest!!”  Thanks for that Mum!

If I didn’t feel small (and yes for me I know that is not hard as I am a small bear) inside the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, I sure did feel tiny when we visited the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial!   That is both impressive in it’s construction and it’s size!  I currently don’t know a lot about Martin Luther King, Jr. but I will be doing some more research on him to learn about him once I get this post up.
From Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial we viewed the well done Korean War monument.  I liked the way they made the statues of the soldiers in the bushes like that.   Very respectful I thought.

WDCST Trip 3

1. Cherry Blossoms.    2. At the World War II Memorial.    3. The White House!    4. Group Photo time!


The Cherry Blossoms….they were next and simply amazing.   Something about Cherry Blossoms make the place seem magical when they’re flowing don’t you think?    Another point of interest we visited during our Day in Washington DC was the World War II Memorial.   Another beautifully designed memorial and a wonderful place to pay respects to those who fought and who lost their lives.

Then I saw it….we got as close as we could to it…it was really it!   The ACTUAL White House!  Where the president of the United States and his family live.   It’s a shame we couldn’t get right up close but I can understand they are strict on security and I didn’t have my Pawsport with me for ID so I was more then happy seeing it from here!

It was a fantastic tour and after several more days spending time with Ajdin, his family, Scooter and Sandy it was time for this little bear to pack his borrowed bag and head back home to Australia and his family….  Took the chance to get one more awesome group photo with everyone though…Ajdin’s Uncle Tibbs is the biggest bear I have ever met so far, he’s awesome!

Thanks again Ajdin I had an amazing time on the 1st ever Stuffie Tour and I TOTALLY recommend this tour to ANY fellow Stuffie travellers!!   I’m of to spend some time with my family now before my next big adventure coming in June.

Take care and keep smiling everyone! xox


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