My Great Big Adventure – Galapagous Islands and Peru Trip.

I have had the most amazing adventure to date! It was the longest I had ever been away from my family though which took a bit to get used to but my host Kristina was wonderful and took me to some amazing places!

I left home on the 17th June 2015 and travelled the usual Econo-bear style, (which Mum tracked like a hawk online to make sure I arrived safely as usual), to Saint Joseph, Minnesota in USA. I got to spend the 4th of July with Kris and her friends and had a lot of fun there as well as exploring around her home town.

Well there should be a photo of that time spent in Minnesota to go here….but sheepishly I left my flash drive back in the states at my Hosts place when I packed to come home so I’m waiting for that to find it’s way home before I can share those photos with everyone. Opps.

Mid July and most of August was really amazing though.  We spent many weeks with some of Kristina’s students in the amazing Galapagos Islands.  It’s truly amazing there and if you ever get a chance to visit there on your own take it!!   Kristina and the students spent a lot of time hiking, viewing and documenting a lot of the amazing wildlife that live there.  I assisted as much as I was able to but when it came to the sharks and snorkling off the coast I stayed in the safety of the boat.   Yeah I still haven’t learnt how to swim yet and there wasn’t a little see through waterproof bubble I could sit in and go under the water with them in so safer to stay on the boat.

Photos 1 to 4 - From the amazing Galapagos Islands Photos 5 to 8 - At Machu Picchu in Peru!

Photos 1 to 4 – From the amazing Galapagos Islands
Photos 5 to 8 – At Machu Picchu in Peru!

It was sad when our weeks in the island came to a close, I was so going to miss those gigantic Tortoises and not to mention the awesome view from our patio of the apartments we were staying in.   But I was also excited at the same time as I was being taken to a place that I only ever had known through a cartoon that was shown on the TV channel (here in Australia) called NITV, the cartoon was called the Mysterious Cities of Gold and Mum remembers watching it when she was a child in the 80’s.

But here I was looking down at the amazing site of Machu Picchu!  It was fantastic, the place is amazing to look around and very popular it seems as there was a lot of other people there checking the place out also.

After Machu Picchu we also visited an amazing crystal clear Lake called Laguna 69.  (photo number 5 in the mosaic) The water is so blue and clear all you wanted to do is dive in and go for a swim…if it wasn’t so cold and the edges so steep….oh and the slight fact again I still don’t know how to swim.

I could go on and about the water in there and the beautiful sites Machu Picchu has but I also want to add the people in Peru are amazing, the foods are something to tantalise the tastebuds and the culture is so bright and colourful I would love the chance to go back again one day.   Definatly add these areas to your “Must See” list if you have one!

Well that’s about it from me for now until my flash drive comes home.  Then I can share a few more photos with you all.

Until then I have a few things to look forward too…I’m going to wedding on the 17th October with my HP’s and our friend Jasper (who’s currently staying with us until New Years) and then of course the annual Quirkybear Halloween Party on the 31st October!  This is going to be so much fun!!!      Have you go your Halloween plans sorted out yet at all?


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