Vegemite: Now in Chocolate Form!!

I was reading a post over on Jezzerbear’s wordpress (here) where he recived a review on some chocolate and it made me think of some amazing stuff we tried here somewhat recently:   Here’s my thoughts on: Vegemite – Now in Chocolate Form!!

Happiness in a Jar!!

Happiness in a Jar!!

Anyone who knows me or my siblings (Benaud, Hicks, Chloe and Sheedie) and my Mum know we LOVE our Vegemite!  Especially for breakfast of hot buttery toast 1st thing in the morning.   It’s like a little piece of happiness in your belly.

My brothers Benaud and Hicks enjoying their breakfast of Vegemite on toast.

My brothers Benaud and Hicks enjoying their breakfast of Vegemite on toast.

So imagine our surprise when a few months ago there were rumours circulating around the internet that one of our most like Chocolate factories – Cadbury were releasing some new flavours, one of which included Vegemite chocolate!
It was a case of…it’s not true until we see it for ourselves, we won’t hold out breaths… the vegemite block of chocolate was due to hit the stores on the 1st June 2015 so we had a while to wait and see.        Then shopping Day on the 15th May arrived and Mum came home and presented me with this…

*gasp* the rumors are true!!

*gasp* the rumors are true!!

It was real!!!
Here is our much loved Vegemite combined in Cadbury milk chocolate and teamed with caramel!   Wow!!

Now don’t go racing off to buy a block expecting to devour it in one hit….oh no no no no.   Not a wise thing to do.  Vegemite is a very STRONG flavour and if your not used to it, it’s most likely going to make you screw your face up and look like you have just licked a feline’s posterior! For the untrained palette, it is much recommended to try this delicious stuff spread very thinly on hot buttery toast, and keep having it that way until you get used to the taste to try spreading it a little thicker etc.
So with that in mind lets get back to the chocolate!!     Mum and I LOVED it!   It was something like a Salted Caramel flavour but the taste of vegemite was very present in each little square you ate.     We recommend only having 4 little squares of this chocolate at a time otherwise the taste does become overpowering.   But all good things in moderation, right!

So yes, I can quite safely say in our house of 8…only 2 didn’t like the chocolate….1 because chocolate is poisonous to cats and number 2 because Dad…erm….I mean mystery household person, doesn’t like Vegemite at all and would actually choose to lick pre-mentioned posterior….though when I said I’d pay to see that I was threatened with being posted to Timbuktu, no return!!

Cadbury’s Vegemite Chocolate – Winner in my books!!


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6 Responses to Vegemite: Now in Chocolate Form!!

  1. jezzerbear says:

    Reblogged this on Jezzer Checks Chocs and commented:
    I really want to try this!

  2. jezzerbear says:

    What a great review! I always thought marmite and Vegemite tastes the same but I’ve been told I’m wrong. I’ll have to buy some Vegemite and try it again.

  3. Charles P woofer says:

    Sounds delicious, the chocolate I mean not the mews butt

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