Yorkshire Trip 2015

I have just come home from having an amazing time over in the UK!   Once again that place has shown me some amazing places and I got to try more new tastes.    This time I had the very great pleasure of being hosted by a very good Twitter and Instagram friend named Toby Teddy (@tobytravels) and his wonderful family.

Arrived safely in Stockton-On-Tees after traveling ecconbear class.  Let the fun begin!

Arrived safely in Stockton-On-Tees after traveling ecconbear class. Let the fun begin!

We spent sometime relaxing around their home town for a while – giving me a chance to shake of the slight laggy feeling one gets from traveling internationally.   The several days later I was shown the sites of  Redcar & Marske (if you’ve seen Atonement with Kiera Knightly this is the spot they filmed).  That reminds me, I have to ask Mum to pop down to the video store and hire that one out so we can check it out.

image (3)

On the shoreline of Redcar & Marske, still fascinated by the massive wind turbines in the background there.

image (4)

Making new Penguin friends!

It was so nice out there but I’ve always like the beach, the smell of the sea air is just awesome in my books!
A day of exploring the amazing beach front and country side sure does help you work up an appetite, so we got some yum dinner.    I got introduced to a Massive dish called a Parmo (which is like a Parma here in Oz)…

image (13)

Wrapping my jaws around the Parmo and Chips. So tasty!

So very tasty and yes my eyes were bigger then my tummy but I did my best!

A few days later we visited Whitby and explored a little bit around there.   I got to say I am loving all these places, so many stories, so much history to the buildings it just amazing. We even did a bit of Dracula spotting near the Whitby Abbey but alas we didn’t spot him…beginning to think he was off some where for the winter instead of being available for us to spot him in the Abbey.

Exploring Whitby and attempting some Dracula spotting.

Exploring Whitby and attempting some Dracula spotting.

With the time of my visit with my wonderful Host Toby and his family slowly coming to an end we spent my last day with him exploring Northallerton and Borobridge together checking out all the old buildings, getting tasty treats at a placed called “Betty’s” and generally having fun which is ALWAYS a good thing!

image (20)

Toby and Me wandering around Northallerton. Loving this amazing old church.

image (22)

Snack time. So many tasty treats were found at this place named Bettys.

image (26)

Toby and me in front of some quaint little houses we came across. Looks like something straight off one of Nanna’s teapots or out of her Storybooks.

*Sigh* it was so much fun and I had a great time.   I was sad to have to say goodbye to these amazing friends but it was wonderful to be back home again with my family.   So I say a big thank you to Toby Teddy (@tobytravels) and your family for hosting me and for showing me an amazing time.   I sure hope we get a chance to catch up again in the future!!

Now I’ve only been home 24hours and I’m already looking forward to everything I have coming up!  On the 21st Feb it’ll be my 3rd Creation/Birthday, then on the 23rd Feb Mum and I are taking a quick road trip to Ballarat to visit a few friends.
On April 3rd it’s Mum’s birthday and we’ll be going out to dinner for it with family and friends to Bonnie and Clyde’s on the 4th April and then finally on the 7th April I’m off to Singapore to visit another Facebook/Instagram friend named Lemongrass Teddy and her family!     I can’t wait!


About ozziequirkybear

World traveler and Mascot for Phoenixphyre Dreams. Loves exploring my own country and this great wide world with family and friends.
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4 Responses to Yorkshire Trip 2015

  1. jezzerbear says:

    What a great trip! Twitter friends @luckyblueyhoney live in Whitby. It looks beautiful.

  2. mefuzzy says:

    it looks like you had a great time – and you’re off gallivanting again in a couple of weeks!?

    • Sure am mefuzzy, come the 7th April I’m off to Singapore to visit a wonder Instagram/Facebook friend. Her and her family have offered to host me and show me around. 🙂 I can’t wait.

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