Quirkybear Australia Day Gathering 2015

26th January 2015 – Australia Day!    One of my favourite public holidays I do have to say as a proud little Australian made/born and bred bear!  And once again to help celebrate the day in style a Quirkybear gathering was on the cards.

If you don’t know what Australia Day is all about and would like to know more about it, please check out the links at the end of this blog post that can take you to a page or two that can help fill you in on what it’s all about.

Unfortunately not every Quirkybear that was invited to join in on the celebrations were able to make it this year, and they were missed but we know they were here in spirit and we had fun for them, knowing they’ll do they’re darndest to get to the next Quirkybear gathering for sure.

This was the 1st Australia Day for my siblings Benaud, Hicks and Chloe and needless to say those three were excited.   They were up at rude o’clock in the morning (7am) with Mum and helped her out with decorating the dining table for lunch and the lounge room.   Dad, Sheedie and myself, being seasoned Australia Day goers lay in for a little longer before getting up and helping Mum hang a few things she couldn’t quite reach herself like the Australia Day Bunting across the car port, and pop the flag in the loungeroom window.


Mum maybe tall at 6ft but there’s still somethings our 6’2 tall Dad is needed for! 

With all the decorations done….and us all in our Australia Day outfits we were just about to sit down and relax when Nanna and the Cousins arrived!   The Gathering had begun!!    We spent what was left of the morning preparing everything to go on the BBQ for the Lunch before handing the meat and onions over to BBQ master Dad to work his skill with the tongs and flip.

LUNCH WAS DELICIOUS!!   And I’m not kidding….I love BBQ and a BBQ on Australia Day of Australian Lamb chops, kangaroo sausages, Aussie Beef Hamburger patties and fresh Australian Prawns is enough to send this little bear into a green and gold fit of foodie happiness!      We also had beetroot, BBQ caramalised onions, mini pies and grilled pineapple rings.   BEAUTY!


So much good food, we all had a mild case of Aussie Dad BBQ food coma…to prevent that Benaud managed to talk us into a game of Backyard Cricket!     Using one of Dad’s eskies as a wicket…..didn’t last long…Dad noticed and swapped it over for the mini-wheeliebin with the wickets drawn on the front in white paint.

UNFORTUNATELY we were having too much fun playing the backyard cricket with Nanna as the Umpire, Mum forgot to take photos….*mumbles* but all is forgiven as it was a lot of fun and we worked of the massive lunch….which we still had lots of left overs in the fridge to feed us for the next day or two.

Then Nanna and Mum brought our dessert!!
Jan 26th 2015 i

YUM!!   Green and Gold Pavlova and on the other plate was Aussie Desserts tasting plate with TimTams, Iced Vovos, Lamingtons and Vanilla Slice.

A very yummy way to wind up a full day of fun, laughter and quirkybear antics….and what made it even more special is a message from our awesome Quirkybear Cousins who live in Northern California Cirrus and Aurora, they couldn’t travel over to join us but they totally were celebrating with us in Spirit and even showed their Aussie Pride:


Cirrus and Aurora showing their Aussie Pride with an awesome flag made for them by their Mum, Aunty Molly!


Aussie created/born and Northern Californian living Cirrus and Aurora with their brilliant Aussie Flag!

How cool!!   Maybe next year they can join in or at least some time this year come over for a visit!

So that was our Australia Day Gathering in a nutshell and we had a blast…bring on next year but until then, I have already packed my bag, grabbed my pawsport and have headed off to the UK for my next adventure….I have been very much looking forward to this.     My next host is Toby Teddy from instagram fame @tobytravels, you may remember him from his visit last year in November….I saddly missed his visit as I was on my way to Canberra to meet up with Aunty Jessica and Cousin Precious Quirkybear for the New Zealand cruise trip, so I am very excited to get to spend time with him and his family at his home.   It’s going to be so much fun and remember to keep a watch on my account on Instagram for photos!


Until I return, have fun everyone!!  *waves*


About Australia Day: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australia_Day and http://www.australiaday.org.au/


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