Cruising and Hobbits!!

What an amazing time!  This is my 2nd ever cruise and yes I have decided I really do love the cruising life!  So much fun to see and do on the massive ship if you want to do it or if not you can laze about in your cabin or on one of the decks as it sails to the destinations.   So relaxing!

My host for the cruise was once again the ever wonderful Aunty Jessica and my cousin Precious Quirkybear.   We’ve travelled together before and always have a wonderful time together…infact it was Aunty Jessica who took me on my 1st cruise, so I can happily blame her for my love of sea travel!

She really spoiled me this trip though, it went from the 28th November to the 11th December 2014 and it started out with a visit to the Melbourne Aquarium before we even stepped on the Dawn Princess Cruise Ship!    So many glorious sea creatures to see and then some.  I totally recommend it to anyone visiting Melbourne to take the time out to visit it!

Nov 28th 2014 e

Seahorse looking very at the Melbourne Aquarium as we waited for it to get closer to boarding time for the Dawn Princess Cruise Ship


Once we were on the ship it was smooth sailing to New Zeland, we filled in time with several activites including Karaoke, Origami, watching a few stage shows, dancing in the on board club/disco and even attending a Black-tie Dinner and Ball!  Thanks to Mum for packing my formal wear so I could look smart when I got to attend that!

But the most memorable things about this cruising trip with Aunty Jessica and Precious Quirkybear…. had to be the visit to HOBBITON!!   Wow….wow wow wow wow wow!


That place was amazing, and given half the chance I would have spent more than most of the day there.   You got to see everything, the hobbit-holes (their houses), the gardens, the big trees, you could even read the signs the Hobbits have posted on the notice board before getting a drink and something to eat at the Green Dragon Tavern!   So much fun!

Other amazing places I got to visit in New Zealand on the cruise was Auckland, the Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Dunedin and Milford Sound in Glenorchy, some pretty awesome places and I know Mum was envious about the Cadbury Factory visit as well….as if she wasn’t already green with envy about Hobbiton! 

I’m such a lucky bear and I can not wait for my next travelling adventure which is coming up on the 28th Janurary 2015.   I’m heading across the pond to the UK to visit the wonderful traveling bear named Toby ( from and @TobyTravels on Instagram), it’ll be great catching up with him seeing as I unfortunatly missed his visit when my family hosted him while I was away on this New Zeland Cruise Trip.   I am really looking forward to seeing what he has to show me in his home grounds!


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World traveler and Mascot for Phoenixphyre Dreams. Loves exploring my own country and this great wide world with family and friends.
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