Byron Bay Trip

June 12th, 2014 a

When in Byron Bay one must have the perfect beach going outfit!

Boy did I have a ball by spending almost a full month in the wonderful place Byron Bay in NSW, Australia almost 3 weeks ago now.   3 weeks!?  Already!?  Where has the time gone and how did it go by so fast??

I had the pleasure of traveling with two friends of Mum named Annette and Allan and we left Horsham, VIC on the 8th June taking a driving holiday with them up towards the coast of Byron Bay.   It took three days driving with our first night at West Wyalong and our second night at Glen Innes.      We were expecting to spend another night on the road but by the time we reached Yamba for afternoon tea our driver Allan decided he’d had enough of Motels and as our destination wasn’t too far away he would drive straight through to Byron Bay that night.

What can I say about the place.   It was wonderful and a lot of my time from the 11th June to the 29th June we spent  our time relaxing in the gorgeous temperature… it didn’t get over 22 degrees Celsius during the day or below 20 at night….unlike Mum who was still back in Victoria living with temps of 15 during the day and 1-3 at night.  Brrr.


Various antics around Byron Bay and surrounding areas with Annette and Allan.

Annette and Allan took me around to all their favourite places in Byron Bay and Surrounding areas including Mullumbimby, The Byron Bay Lighthouse and Steak Night at the Byron Bay Brewery.  But still I have to say the time spent down on the beach was the best.  Ever since my 1st visit to the beach last year during the Quirkybear beach trip to Seaport, SA, I’ve picked up Mum’s love for the sea.

It was sad it couldn’t last forever but after all the fun we had it was time to come back home…though we were seriously starting to think about running away back to Byron Bay as we drove closer to Victoria and the temperature started droping….and dropping.   I was pleased to see the heater and my jumper by the end of it for sure.  So cold!   The joys of winter hey?

I do have to say a big thank you to both Annette and Allan for hosting me on their trip.  I had a huge amount of fun and look forward to a chance to traveling with you again some time in the future.  But until then, it’s always fun to plan the next upcoming Quirkybear event which will be the 2nd annual Quirkybear picnic on the 9th August!

Have fun everyone!!


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World traveler and Mascot for Phoenixphyre Dreams. Loves exploring my own country and this great wide world with family and friends.
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