Sunday Adventure

So how did you all spend your Sunday (27th April 2014)?   Mine turned into quiet an adventure, albeit an expensive one, with the family.  But it was a blast!!

Sunday morning we loaded the fishing gear and all bundled into the 4WD and headed off down the road towards the Little Desert National Park.  (    Thankfully it was a beautiful day….bit of a cold nip in the air but with the clear sky and the sun shining down it was brilliant.
We followed a well known (to us) track along the Wimmera River till we found the perfect spot.   It’s so quiet out there…nothing but the sound of the wind in the trees, the endless yet peacefull bird song and the ocassional splash from the cast out fishing line or the water of the river hitting the bank.


We spent a few hours here, using various baits including a few bait sized fresh water yabbies, my brother and I even got a chance to hold on in our laps before trying our luck with it for a fish.


Although as peaceful and wonderful it was spending time in this wonderful part of the Little Desert National Park after a few hours with out much success with our fishing attempt, we decided to pack it up and Dad had the idea of a spur of the moment 4WD trip through another part of the Park.


It was a great trip following along Mcabes Hut Track to Eagle Swamp…and that’s where the fun started…the expensive part of the fun though…  We accidently turned right leaving Eagle Swamp and continued following Mcabes Hut Track…it go alittle “hairy” there as the sand along that part of the track had gotten so soft and powdery it made the going a bit slow at times, almost having a “stop and think”* (see footnote at bottom of this entry) moment up a hill…. we got up and over it and continued on to a place with soild ground at the corner of Mallee Track and Mcabes Hut Track.   

We decided to pull the pin there as we had begun to hear the destinct “clunking” of a suspected busted CV joint on the left and the steering on the 4WD had started getting very very heavy and tight.     We “limped” back the way we came all the way back to Nans place in Dimboola so Dad could assess the problem, pump air back into the tyres with the little compressor we had and generally relax a moment before heading back home to Horsham.
Assessment….busted left CV joint as well as a possible blown Power steering pump.   Hence the Expensive part of the weekend.    Sigh.

The 4WD is now in the shop getting fixed (went in 1st thing Monday morning). But that’s the joy of exploration, and yeah there will be a chance we’ll go out that way again but more than likely it’ll be with the Wimmera 4WD Club, and that day will be a BLAST!!


* We don’t get bogged or stuck during 4WDing…we’re simply Thinking!!


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World traveler and Mascot for Phoenixphyre Dreams. Loves exploring my own country and this great wide world with family and friends.
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